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Juggling balls truly give you a mind/body workout, Neuroscientists have discovered juggling boosts brain power. Balls for your mind juggling balls are Australian made, tough, and long lasting.

A story, as I went to pick up the juggling balls everyone started laughing yet when I started to juggle there laughter turned into applause. So why not take some applause! Press on your preferred juggling balls below to buy.

Small Juggling Balls

up to 10 years - $20.00

Standard Juggling Balls

over 10 years - $25.00

Smart Juggling Balls

over 10 years - $25.00




Juggling rewires the brain > News in Science (ABC Science)

Neuroscientists have discovered that learning to juggle causes changes in white matter, the nerve strands which help different parts of the brain communicate with each other.

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Juggling can boost your brain power.

Scientists from the University of Regensburg, Germany have found using brain scans, that learning to juggle can boost brain power. Pick up three balls, learn to juggle and prove it for yourself.

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